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Alright friends! Here it is. The draft that took me entirely too long because I was unsure of what I wanted to do, but I think that I finally figured it out! As most of you know, my topic this semester is based upon an imaginary wedding venue, that I someday hope to own. Owning a wedding venue has been a dream of mine for many years, and most importantly, I’ve always wanted to have a “one-stop shop” where brides can come, drink a mimosa, walk around and just feel relieved knowing that everything is in one place. The way I see it, is that we will take care of it for you, from floral, to booking the DJ, photographer and more. Here at Veiled with Love, we got your back, and we will most definitely make sure you feel the love on your wedding day.

My research consisted of watching a lot of interview videos, I considered a promotional video, but realized that I didn’t like the way that my voice sounded, I then came across podcasts and I really liked the casual feel for them. For this particular project, I decided to do my audio story interviewing someone who has been through the wedding process already. I wanted to highlight the fact that, planning weddings are stressful. This leads back to my point on why it’s beneficial to have a wedding venue that can take that stress off your shoulders for you. I asked my friend a few questions about things that she absolutely loved about her wedding day, the stressors, and what she would have done differently. Now, I know podcasts are usually longer, but for this particular project I thought it would be cool to do a “sneak peek” of the podcast. Something to gain my audience’s attention, and then get them to watch the full podcast on my website. This full podcast would include wedding advice, do’s and don’ts, based on my friend’s responses. These are types of things that would be helpful for brides as they are planning their own wedding, being able to get this advice from your venue alone and hear from those who have already been through it, there’s a lot of benefit in that alone.

My “sneak peek” interview podcast is a little over a minute long. I didn’t want to give too much detail to where my audience wouldn’t want to listen to the whole thing, so I decided on just a little snippet. I ended up cutting out a few of the awkward pauses and blending them in and I was contemplating on putting in background music, and I ended up doing it. It seemed like it was missing something without the music, and it was a little awkward. I ended up using “Over the Rainbow” by the Piano Guys. Full disclosure, I’m actually obsessed with a lot of their songs, so I had already bought this one a few years ago on iTunes, and I think it worked well for this project.

I’ll admit, this one was a little bit harder for me than the others. I would love to hear any feedback that you have! Thanks for reading along and stay tuned for the final project in the coming weeks.

Unedited Raw Interview: 

Edited Sneak Peek Interview:



5 thoughts on “Audio Story Draft

  1. Hi Makael!

    I love this idea for your audio project! I’m amazed you were able to pick just one minute out of your whole interview to use for the sneak peak! That would have been the hardest part for me! I think the song you chose did a good job adding a little more character to the podcast too. I really liked how you started the show in the raw interview and introduced who you were talking to. Wedding Bells is the best name. I wonder if you could start your teaser with some of that same information… “on the next episode of wedding bells, I’m talking to ___ about ___” and then go to the clip you already chose? That would explain to the listener what they are hearing, and give them the idea to also listen to your upcoming episode. I heard one umm too that I would try cutting out if possible.

    Overall great start! I can’t wait to hear the final version!

    –Jillian Garrigues


  2. The music was a nice touch! You did a nice job on the volume in the beginning and your choice of song. There is a part of the song where the volume raises (when the piano comes in) – you can still hear the two voices – but is a distraction. Interviewing is a good way to go with this topic and it does sound very conversational. Is there any way to smooth out the first second of the clip? You can tell you are saying “looking back” but you can hear a little glitch when it starts. It makes sense that the end fades out as you wanted a snippet of the podcast. Consider having it start to fade out, either the voices or the music or both) a little sooner so we know it is about to end. To really wrap it up too you could introduce the clip and explain that it is a snippet from the podcast and maybe mention the title. You could always do it the other way around and end it with something like “for the full podcast, visit…..” Nice job!


  3. Thank you all for the feedback! This is super helpful as I move forward to the final draft this week. From here, I plan to try and add in the introduction and conclusion. With the draft, I was a little nervous about how smooth it would play into the clip here, but I’m going to attempt to add in the introduction, so that at least the audience knows who I’m talking to and what we are talking about. I’d also like to add in a conclusion such as “check out the full podcast here…” I think this will help bring it all together, right now it’s just a random clip, and there’s no true way to tell whether it’s a snippet or not.

    As Amie mentioned, I’d also like to lower the sound when the piano comes on in the song, the volume rises slightly there and it can be distracting. Lastly, I’d like to continue to try and smooth out the beginning of the clip. It sounds like there’s a glitch that needs smoothed out.

    I’m looking forward to digging back into this audio story and taking another crack to make it strong. Thank you all again for the feedback!



  4. Hi Makael:

    What a great idea for a business and a topic for this Audition project. Your interview was a lot of fun and light. You have a lot to draw from so that’s a good problem to have. Considering that you’re hoping to promote your own business, I would definitely keep out the parts about avoiding using a venue—so good call there.
    I liked the back and forth that you and your interviewee had about her personal experiences with getting engaged, planning the wedding and then the actual experience of having the wedding itself. I would add more of that in because she’s carasmatic and draws the listener in and makes you care about her journey. I would suggest “moving” the story with the engagement talk, planning process and then the pros of the actual big day.
    Your sound quality was also great. And the music in the background was spot on. It alludes a destination wedding feel. I would agree that there is one spot where it’s a tad too loud and competes with the dialogue, so just turn down the heat there. Anywho, great job and fu topic! Can’t wait to hear the finished product!


  5. Makael,

    I thoroughly enjoyed your sneak peak audio story. I am very impressed you were able to highlight what you wanted in over a minute from the 17:33 minutes from your raw, unedited version!

    You included fun, light-hearted music to accompany your interview which was very inviting and entertaining to listen to. The only suggestion to the music I have is to perhaps lower the volume just a bit so that the listener can feel as if they were right there listening into the interview/conversation and not become too much of a distraction.

    Though it was a sneak peak into what you really wanted to do, I think it would be beneficial for the listener to hear an introduction: your name, your interviewee’s name, the purpose. By providing this information, it will equip the listener with what they’re about to expect in the next minute or so of your story.

    There were a few pauses during the interview that could be collapsed into a shorter frame. In general, I think the interview provided a great outline to what brides feel during the planning process.

    Again, I have enjoyed your story. I do hope my feedback helps. I wish you good luck on your final story!



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