Video Story Draft

Hi Everyone! Thanks for tuning in. For those of you just now visiting my blog, let’s start with a background story before I get into the nitty gritty details. I started this blog for my graduate course, Multimedia Content Creation, at Washington State University. We were to choose a topic that interests us to create content on for the semester, and I chose to speak about my dream, owning a wedding venue and being the wedding/events coordinator for that venue. It probably sounds cheesy, but I guess I’ll admit it, I’m a nerd for weddings/events. Weird, I know.

Now the nitty gritty details, I must admit, this video draft was a challenge for me. After a lot of research, I really wanted something casual that made sense given my topic. Similar to how I did with my audio story, I produced what I guess some might call a podcast. Since I am (pretending to be) the wedding/event coordinator for the venue, I thought about things that most bride and grooms would want to hear. My questions were, what types of things would they be looking for? how can I make the process less stressful for them? So, I decided to create a video that touched on a few tips and tricks for them in the (stressful) planning process. Whether they are the bride and the groom themselves, or a friend or family of the bride and groom, my idea was to help make the planning process flow a lot smoother by creating this video. Let them know where to start, because at least for me, that was the hardest part. I couldn’t make it a full podcast, mostly because I had too many tips to share, and because I talk a lot, and I mean a lot. So, I decided to create a little snippet instead, mentioning at the end that they could check out my blog if they wanted to hear the full thing.

Let’s start digging a little bit deeper on how I made this happen. Well, first I sat down and tried to brainstorm all of the things that I thought were important when I planned my own wedding, and other things that maybe I didn’t do that I thought would be helpful for them and put them together. I then tried to find some good lighting to film my video, and though many of you may laugh at this, I found it underneath my bar in my apartment. The light was shining through the window, it was great. So, I sat myself down underneath the bar, and setup my camera (on a tripod of course). I’ve had a Canon E05 Rebel for about three years now, so I used that, because the quality was best with the lens. Once I had that all setup, I had about 10 re-takes and I was good to go. I filmed myself talking, and then took it all back to Adobe Premiere Pro. Once I got in there, I used what we learned in the tutorials to cut the video and drag clips into a sequence. I then added a few titles and transitions to make it look a little bit more snazzy. Let’s just say, by the end of the night, I was sick of my own voice. I know this draft is far from perfect, but I’d love any helpful advice you may have.

Thank you!


4 thoughts on “Video Story Draft

  1. Hi, Makael-

    Thank you for sharing your video draft! I think the strongest component of your video is how it matches your organization/blog’s branding by using the pink legacy title with white text over it. This is a strategic method for your audience to connect your video with the theme of your blog. I also like the transitional effects your applied to each title to keep it interesting so your audience can stay engaged with the video.

    Here are a couple suggestions for improvement as you edit your final video this week. (1) I think the use of music in the background can make your video more interesting for your audience. You can find a large variety of free music to use for this video through the royalty-free music source website, called (2) One way to increase the likelihood of your audience to take action from your video content is to include visuals for them to see what you’re talking about. Maybe you could incorporate video and photo footage in your story of wedding venues, dresses, food, etc. to add more of a visual element to your story. You can also add effects to the photos (as we did in our tutorials) to retain your audience’s engagement with your story.

    Great start! I’m looking forward to watching the final product.


    -Jordan Jameson.


  2. This video is very much in the style of Youtube videos that give tips or reviews. I like that you could just be yourself and give tips on weddings. Your editing to cut out the pauses is great. It’s the ‘in’ thing to over edit the pauses and breaks out of videos and I think you did that well. The hand movements help use up the space in the video and give it a sense of movement, like we did in the first tutorial.
    I think some light background music might help. And, it might be difficult, but maybe a photo or two add more of a fancy look. It’d be much more work to add photos along with your dialogue, but maybe before or after your titles might help. It’s just a suggestion.
    Overall I like your style. As I said, it really fits alongside the tips videos on Youtube. The titles are great. They help the wedding feel and don’t detract from what you’re saying. And I also like the bit at the end where your voice is recorded differently from the rest of the video. Like an outro. I see that a lot on Youtube as well. It’s very nicely done!
    ~Dunavan Whitnell


  3. First off, thank you all for the feedback, it is much appreciated! It’s great to hear from others, things that I may not have noticed or been thinking of at the time of development. From here, I plan to add music to the background in hopes to make this a little bit more interesting for my audience. Sometimes it feels awkward when I’m talking, or maybe that’s just me listening to myself talk, but I think background music would help with that awkward-ness.

    Another thing I would like to do from here is to add images like you both mentioned. I think adding in when I say certain things like “Pinterest” I could bring in a Pinterest logo, and I just think it would make the video more fun and keep people going. I also would like to add my logo at the end of the story, I forget that I have the materials, so I might as well use it!

    I’m looking forward to digging into this a little bit more and making it strong. Thank you all again for the helpful feedback!



  4. Hi Makael,
    Great to run into you again! 🙂 It was a true pleasure to watch! I especially liked how straightforward and elegant the format is. From the dusty-rose-colored background for the text, to the classy font of said text, to your breton stripes (very chic!), I am left with a sense of style and polished presentation. A wonderful impression! And solid content, too!
    One thing I would look out for in future videos is to make sure the top of your head makes it into the shot for a better visual. However, I thought this was a fantastic shot otherwise! I’d also experiment with lighting down the line to have a brighter, more visually energetic (if that makes sense, haha). Granted, these are all suggestions for the future, as I think this is a very nice first go with Premiere Pro!
    One more thing–I found you extremely personable as well, which is definitely a great thing if you’re running a business! Excellent job all around!


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