Final Video Story

I’m pretty excited to say that my final draft is complete! Thanks to all of the helpful feedback and advice you all gave me, I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. For those of you who are just now visiting my blog, you are probably curious what is going on here, so let’s start with a background story before I get into the nitty gritty details. I started this blog for my graduate course, Multimedia Content Creation, at Washington State University. We were to choose a topic that interests us to create content on for the semester, and I chose to speak about my dream, owning a wedding venue and being the wedding/events coordinator for that venue. I’m such a nerd, I know.

For this particular section of the course, we were to create a video story based on our topic. I really wanted something casual that made sense given my topic. So, I pretended to be the wedding/event coordinator for the venue. I wanted to mention things that most bride and grooms would want to hear prior to their wedding. The big questions are what do we do now? So many people are asking you all these questions, how can we help lessen that stress. That was my idea. Whether they are the bride and the groom themselves, or a friend or family of the bride and groom, I want them to know that I’m here to help make the planning process flow a lot smoother by creating this video. I couldn’t make it a full podcast, mostly because I had too many tips to share, and because I talk a lot. So, I decided to create a sneak peek instead, mentioning at the end that they could check out my blog if they wanted to hear the full thing.

If you check out my post below, you will find my podcast draft and all the helpful feedback I received from my classmates. There were a few things I knew for sure I wanted to change from the draft and I’m about to get into those now. Check out my video below, if you haven’t yet already, and then come back to this one. There were some good changes, I promise.

Now down to the details, here’s what I wanted to change and how I did it. First, I wanted to add background music. I wanted the podcast to feel less awkward, and more casual. I found the song on iTunes by the Piano Guys (I’m kind of obsessed with these guys if you can’t tell). I bought the song from there, because I’ll obviously listen to it again. I didn’t do much to the song, besides trim it down in the beginning a smidge and try and line up the “ding” with when the title page popped up, I was weirdly excited about how well that worked out. Second, I wanted to add photos, make it more visually appealing to the audience, rather than just staring at my face.  I didn’t want to get too crazy with this so I added a few photos here and there to make it a little bit more eye-catching. This was kind of fun to work with as I could make the photos work with my hand movements. I had a lot of fun with this one! Third, I wanted to fix up the transitions. I wasn’t happy with way they were flowing and how awkward some of them were. So, I moved a few things around, like the pink transition pages, those helped A TON. It helped with my transitions, and helped the eye not recognize them as much if that makes sense. Especially the ones where you can see me about to say “um” and then the video cuts off. So, I re-arranged those a smidge and cleaned that up a bit. Lastly, I wanted to make the “pink” transition pages a little bit more appealing. They were really plain and it was bothering me, so I changed the font and added a little bit of something to make it more than just words on a page. My favorite is how the last page turned out. I decided to put my logo (that I worked so hard on) at the end, I kind of had an ‘aha’ moment with that one. I mean, I did create the logo, why not use it in my video? plus that’s a lot more eye appealing than the alternative! So, I decided to use that and add a few social media logos at the bottom for just a little extra touch. I wanted to tie it all back in by adding the corner pieces to the edges. I thought this might add unity. I did this by adding a triangle to each edge and then using the eyedropper tool to match it to the logo, I did have to use the gradient tool to help make it match, but it worked well and I was pretty excited about that!

That’s pretty much it! I hope you all like my changes and I had a lot of fun in Adobe Premiere these past few weeks. Thanks again for tuning in! J


Photos were downloaded from Unsplash and my Shutterstock license that I purchased earlier this year.

Wedding Photos:

Social Media Icons:

  • Pinterest Logo – Downloaded from I have a license that I pay for 10 downloads a month.
  • Twitter Logo — Downloaded from I have a license that I pay for 10 downloads a month.
  • Facebook Logo – Downloaded from I have a license that I pay for 10 downloads a month.

Other Images:

  • Though they might look like images, the checkmark and ‘x’ were actually text that I inserted into the video at the time. I googled a checkmark shortcut on my keyboard (Ctrl+Cmd+Space Bar–gives you all the emoji’s), and inserted that into that video along with the ‘x.’


  • The Piano Guys – Walking the Wire
    • Bought on iTunes

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