Project Reflection


Hi! Thanks for tuning in for my final blog post of the semester. If you scroll down and visit my blog, you will notice a lot of different content was created. This was created for a course I’m taking through Washington State University, called Multimedia Content Creation. I chose to create content based on my dream of owning a wedding venue.

For this final post, we had the chance to go back and revisit a project and fine-tune it. I chose to revisit the very first project, creating a design piece using Photoshop. I wasn’t very happy with it this one. So, here’s the new and improved version that I came up with. I decided to go away with the social media post that I originally had and create more of a magazine ad. There are a TON of wedding magazines out there and I wanted to do something in a similar style. This way I could use in a variety of ways (social media, flyers, websites, etc.). The one thing that I didn’t like about the original was that there wasn’t a call to action, and there wasn’t anything drawing the audience in.

So, for this one in particular, I changed it up. I found three (new) photos that shared similarity and I used the logo created in Unit 2. I then used the rectangle tool to create a ‘stroke’ look to act as a border to tie it in. Lastly, I added social media icons, a description and a call to action. Based on my audience (bride and groom, friends or family of a bride or groom) I communicated things that I thought would be of importance to them. This description and call to action was important to me as it wasn’t included in the original version.

Images Sources (Unsplash):

Social Media Icons Source:

  • Shutterstock, I purchased a license

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